The Sandbox, Nonprofit Organization

“The Sandbox locks arms with the community and walks with families whose child has cancer or a life-altering illness. The Sandbox helps Honorees and their families through a wide-spectrum of offerings and services, so they can focus on the most important factor – Believing & Healing! We restore belief and positivity and walk alongside the families to provide support, both emotionally and financially, during the most tumultuous times of their lives.”

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In Stevie Wonder’s song, “Higher Ground,” he stated, “I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then. Gonna keep on tryin’, till I reach my highest ground.” That lyric describes the overarching purpose of this personal and professional enrichment program. Whether you’re utilizing our workshops, training seminars or consulting services, our intent is to provide a safe place for you to get the resources you need without being judged or overwhelmed.